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At OC Safety, we're proud to offer a wide range of on-site training, comprehensive instruction, and complete certification classes to residents and businesses throughout the Orange County area in a variety of subjects including basic life support (BLS), CPR & First Aid, and HIPAA Compliance Certification.

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a law passed in 1996 made changes to the rules, processes, and standards for businesses that have any access to protected healthcare information. Today, the law mainly works to maintain the security and privacy of protected patient health care information – and any organization with access to that kind of information must comply with HIPAA standards.

Do I Need to Comply with HIPAA?

Any business or organization that has access to protected healthcare information must follow and comply with HIPAA standards, and any individual must complete HIPAA training and certification before accessing protected information. Some of the types of companies that need to comply with HIPAA standards include:

  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Employer Health Plans
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Healthcare Clearinghouses
  • Any company that does business with a HIPAA-covered entity or corporation

Types of Organizational HIPAA Compliance

In general, there are two sets of standards an organization may need to comply with, each of which has its own unique set of rules, procedures, and regulations. As a covered organization, you may need to comply with either of the following:

  • HIPAA Security: A set of standards designed to ensure the safety of electronically stored health information.
  • HIPAA Privacy: A set of standards designed to keep protected information private and safe from exposure.

What To Expect

OC Safety is proud to provide comprehensive HIPAA training for both organizations and individuals. As an individual, you'll learn the rules, codes, and standards of HIPAA compliance in full detail, receiving a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. As an organization, we'll work with you to design and institute a HIPAA training and compliance program that makes sense for your organization, and we'll bring our expertise in HIPAA standards to ensure you're fully compliant with all applicable laws.

Why Choose OC Safety for HIPAA Compliance & Certification Training?

At OC Safety, we're proud providers of safety training and certification to countless businesses and individuals throughout the Orange County area. We strive to maintain a close relationship with all of our customers, designing their training to suit their specific needs and ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of all the topics we cover. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and you can rest assured that when you pursue safety training with OC Safety, we'll work with you until you have full command of the knowledge you need so you can excel in any situation.

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When it comes to complying with federal law, there's no room for error or ambiguity. View our calendar to find a class that works for you, reach out to us at our contact page, or call us today at 714.960.1911 to arrange for HIPAA compliance training for yourself or your organization. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to making HIPAA compliance easy for you.

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